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Element D

6d.1. How adequate are unit-classrooms, faculty offices, library/media center, the technology infrastructure, and school facilities – to support teaching and learning?
The unit’ offices are housed in the state-of-the-art Pope John Paul II center located on the northeast side of the main campus.  The building houses offices and classrooms with a full range of technology, meeting areas, computer/technology labs, the Campus Shoppe, two food service sites, the Lee and James Vann Library, Student Academic Support Services, University Technology Services, and high-speed computer access for students both in the Library and the “Cyber-fresh Café.”  Faculty and staff offices are equipped with telephones, computers, storage units, and modern office furniture. Standard and color printers as well as a high-end copier/fax machine are accessible to unit personnel.
The Lee and Jim Vann Library is located on two floors of the Pope John Paul II Center (JP) occupying approximately 25,000 square feet. The Vann Library houses a collection of over 66,700 volumes including 7,487 education curriculum-related titles in the disciplines of education, special education and juvenile literature. Also, a dedicated section of the library houses the Educational Curriculum Collection (ECC). The ECC contains textbooks and support materials covering all disciplines, grades P through 12. These materials are available for check-out, but are not included in the volume count, as they are not a part of the on-line catalog. The Vann Library’s collection also includes 36 videos that support the education department’s curriculum. An extensive description of the library holdings, personnel and budget, in addition to curricular and electronic resources, is available in the Lee and Jim Vann Library Overview.
Two additional resource areas house materials to support academic programs.  One area houses testing materials and resources for use in the Oaks and Willows program. A full range of diagnostic software has been downloaded for candidate use in the JP 211-I computer laboratory. A resource room (JP 313-P) has been designated for resources and materials to supplement methods classes.  Students and faculty may check out these materials. The SOPS Five Year Plan (titled Plan to Plan) calls for the expansion of these two areas into of a full curriculum laboratory. Additionally, electronic curricular resources have been catalogued for reference on Cougar Connection.